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The truth in relation to the newspaper article,

November 30 2002

"$10,000 fine confirms fall of a $42 million man"

........ the facts are:

Point #1. Paragraphs 3 and 12 are simply wrong. There was no $468,000 deception. What the charge was and what the Judge found and said; a part worth $3,000 of a $468,000 system was delivered a week after signing a loan , it was an oversight, no one lost money. See letter from Solicitors investigating.  
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Point #2. However the factual truth behind this is:
That charge (1. above) was invented in a 'deal' in 1992 to have charges against Karen Wood (now 2007 Company Secretary of BHP Billiton) dropped after Peter Farris QC (prosecutor), and Michael Rozenes (DPP), advised that her charges would be dropped if her 'boyfriend' (Bruno Gatzka) pleaded to some 'invented' charge.
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Point #3. The 1992 background to this is that Jennings made a dishonest / hostile take over of Bruno Gatzka's founded company, Strarch International Limited. During the litigation by Bruno Gatzka it was uncovered that Ashley Goldsworthy AO OBE then Chief Executive Officer of Jennings criminally paid a Secret Commission. Bruno Gatzka took out proceedings for the Secret Commission and this was settled .See proceedings against Jennings and A C Goode (the former National Australia Bank subsidiary stockbroker that like Jennings also went into Liquidation in 1992).
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Point #4. However Bruno Gatzka was angered by what Jennings and Goldsworthy had done and later caused all the material to be handed to the Attorney General and Fraud squad, little knowing that Goldsworthy had strong links.

Point #5. Subsequently, Bruno Gatzka was bogus charged and when that was proven false, Karen Wood was then charged and the 'deal' to drop her charges done.

Point #6. Jennings went into Receivership & Liquidation in 1992 .The current Jennings Company has no relation to the 1992 liquidated Jennings.
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Point #7. Goldsworthy was terminated as Chief Executive Officer by Fletcher when the litigation commenced. See articles about Fletcher and Jennings.
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Point #8. The 1992 injustice was being Appealed by Bruno Gatzka in 1998-2000 when new false charges were laid that he stole cheques and falsely engaged an accountant. The judge and jury acquitted him of stealing the cheques. You would hardly understand that with the way the article is written. The charge of illegally engaging the accountant is (incredibly) wrong. The judge made errors, and the defence Counsel made very serious errors. On Appeal the application was limited to a single technical argument, at the insistence of the technically minded QC. New Senior Counsel has advised on this.

Point #9. There is now 'new evidence' proving the contempt of Court by the Accountant presumably under some duress at the time. The evidence points to the serious injustice also.
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Point #10. Where the newspaper article talks about the sea baths development the article is unclear. The Tays (majority shareholders (owners) of the development) relied on the state of the current matter (charge above) to discredit Bruno Gatzka and to shield them from being prosecuted for the multi million dollar debt. This is soon to change. The BRW article is closer to the mark.
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